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Alta’s 3 Day Off-Trail Workshop 


The Snowpine Lodge

Arrival on March 6

Ski on March 7,8 & 9

Line• Terrain• Snow
Defining Great Skiing… Redefining Yours

Expert off-trail skiing is dynamic, fluid and inspiring. Great skiers blend skills, tactics, and experience with their own intentions to maximize the existing conditions. Expert skiing is about confidence, power and deliberate intent. Great skiers are highly skilled in fundamentals and they are able to read snow and terrain, they can see the line, devise strategy, and deploy tactics on the fly. This is Expert Off-Trail Skiing.

Over the years Alta has attracted expert skiers from around the world. Drawn, like you, to Alta’s pure challenging alpine environment. It is from this background and experience that we have developed the 3 Day Off Trail Workshop. Our legendary terrain and snow provide an ideal training ground for you and our top coaches to redefine your skiing…your limits.
For Advanced and Expert skiers with a strong desire to improve their off trail skiing.

The Take Home

• Skiing with more refined fundamental technique. This is the foundation…all experts train and believe in the fundamentals.
• Controlling line and speed without resisting or braking
• Skiing for fluidity through line selection and speed choice
• Utilizing and adapting to terrain and snow conditions
• Confidence skiing more of the mountain with a higher degree of skill

Participant Description
The Off Trail Workshops are for Advanced and Expert Skiers. Each Workshop Participant should have a strong desire to improve their off-trail skiing and possess a level of fitness that is in line with their skiing goals. If you are not sure that this is the place for you, reach out to us and we will help you find your place.


Participants will stay at the Snowpine Lodge, Alta's most charming accommodations.

Hot skier's breakfast and 4 course gourmet dinner included.

Packages starting at about $2,000.00 for dormitory including 3 day lift ticket as well as all taxes and fees

Please call to book 801-742-2000